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Vinnie Duffy (Duffy Sport Horses) is a long-serving breeder and producer of sport horses. He produced the famous International show-jumper, World Cruise. Vinnie is known affectionately in the horse world for his charisma, friendly approach and warm smile. Famed for his ‘good eye’ – he is a true horseman with an instinctive sixth sense.

His passion for horses is shared by his three Sons who are following in his proud footsteps:

Martin is based in Ireland where he breeds and produces horses. Alex lives in Germany and competes internationally; he has represented Ireland on several occasions.
The youngest, Michael, is still in school and has also represented his country on the European stage and hopes to follow his brother’s success. In the future, they hope to represent Ireland on a Nations Cup team together.

Born in Cork and trained throughout Europe, Jean has gained valuable experience and has a wide-range of qualifications. She coaches riders of all ages and is currently the director of training at Hyde Equine. Jean has had success both nationally and internationally, with her riders representing Ireland at the European championships.

Renowned for instilling children with confidence; she is an expert in matching the right horse to each individual to develop a successful partnership. She is well known for her ability to define exactly what each individual rider requires and is asked by many to help find their perfect match.

‘Teachers are born, not made’